SUS304 Half Hard Strip Steel For Apple’s IPad

If you have seen or held an apple iPad then you most probably have noticed its particular and impressive back cover. This back cover is usual one of the major marketing points for the iPad, people love it because of its feel and quality in meeting the iPad’s functionality while supporting iPad components. Well, Shimfer Strip Steel Limited was commissioned by Apple Inc to manufacture and deliver the material used in making those back covers. How this was achieved is incredible and highly innovative indeed.

Who is Shimfer Strip Steel Limited?

 Before going further and discussing how Shimfer managed to produce and deliver the high-quality steel used in the manufacturing of iPad back covers, it’s important to know the identity of the company and what it does.

As you may already have guessed, Shimfer Strip Steel is an incredible company that specializes in manufacturing the highest quality precision strip steel in the industry. The products that benefit from this technology are IT components, springs, and medical blades just to name a few.

 Shimfer tailor-made SUS304 strip steel for Apple’s IPad

Now that you know a little bit about Shimfer and what it does, it’s time to take a look at one of their groundbreaking projects that the whole research and development team is proud of.

When Shimfer won the tender to manufacture this all important iPad component they knew it was going to be the most challenging project in the company’s history, but much more importantly everyone knew it would be the most remarkable product ever developed. So Following Apple’s requirements, the R&D team set out to custom-make the strip steel materials for Apple.

Making of the SUS304 1/2H steel

Producing this kind of steel to meet the exact requirements takes a lot of skill and quality raw materials. Apple required the material to be as flat as a glass surface, made from half hard strip steel which we call SUS304 1/2 H and they needed surface finished with sandblast.

  • Materials used to manufacture the product

In order to deliver the required order, Shimfer decided to use original Posco prime grade stainless steel coil as the raw material of choice. This steel was imported straight from Korea and processed in Shimfer’s factory.

  • Processing Posco to achieve the desired SUS304 1/2H strip steel

Initially, when brought in, Posco stainless steel is in its coil format, to get precision strip steel the coil has to be cut and specific parts selected for use. In the case of this groundbreaking project, it was decided that the middle part of the coil was the perfect fit in reaching the desired goal since it has the finest quality, with excellent flatness, and its thickness tolerance is within +/-0.02mm that was required by Apple.

So the development team worked together to process the strip steel, using the cold rolling technique to achieve the 0.25mm x 226mm size. The cold rolling technique is a pretty simple method of reducing steel thickness, it involves passing the steel extracted from the Posco coil through several rolls all the time making sure the temperature of the steel is way below the recrystallization temperature.

  • Final product

After the desired size and quality of strip, steel had been met, it was time to work on the surface of the steel so it met all of Apple’s demands. This was achieved through a method called sandblasting. Sandblasting is abrasion the surface of the steel using sand coming from a highly compressed source. The end result is a high-quality protective feel on the surface of the strip steel.

304 half hard stainless steel

Apple SUS304 1/2 H precision strip steel completed and delivered

After a lot of meticulous work and effort, Shimfer managed to manufacture and deliver Apple’s fine steel that is used to make IPad back covers. The product delivered precisely met the required and commissioned size, coupled with other impressive qualities like very tight tolerance and extreme durability.