Precision strip steel manufacturing is a very comprehensive process, which is why we have decided to present you the 7 manufacturing flows of cold rolled precision strip steel.

1. Raw materials
In order to produce precision strip steel of the highest quality, we have to start from using raw materials with the same level of quality. Here at Shimfer, we manufacture particularly thin, strong, high precision stainless steel strips, such as the Austenitic types 301, 304 and 316. These great products are the result of using the finest steel, which we obtained from our partnership with Posco, one of the world’s finest steel makers, who exclusively supply us original cold rolled coils as raw materials.

precision strip steel raw material

2. Rewinding
This is a very important part of the precision strip steel manufacturing process. Despite using raw materials of the highest quality, these materials may have non-standard parts, which can be the result of production, transportation and/or handling issues.
By using a rewinding machine, we can inspect the material in search for any defect that may compromise the quality of the product, which allows us to take any necessary actions to guarantee the highest quality.

precision strip steel rewinding

3. Cold rolling
During this step of the precision strip steel manufacturing process, a cold rolling mill is used to achieve the final desired thickness of the steel strip, a machine that also ensures the quality of the surface, the flatness of the strip and the variation of the thickness to stay within the standards.

precision strip steel cold rolling

4. Bright annealing
In this step, a metallurgical process (annealing) is performed on the steel strip. Through a heat treatment, the microstructure of the material is altered in order to provide the desired mechanical properties.

precision strip steel annealing

5. Degreasing
During the cold rolling process, some oil residues can stay on the surface. In order to wash them off, hot alkaline rinsing is performed.

precision strip steel degreasing

6. Tension leveling
The tension leveling is performed by means of a skin pass mill, a machine that, in addition to improve the mechanical properties, helps to improve the final brightness of the steel. That way, the desired characteristics of the final product are guaranteed.

precision strip steel tension leveling

7. Slitting
The precision strip steel manufacturing process ends with the slitting, where slitting knives of the highest precision are used to obtain the final width and burr level of the cold rolled precision strip steel.

precision strip steel slitting