Shimfer is a subsidiary of Guangdong Xinfa Precision Metal Technology Co, Ltd, one of the leading manufacturing companies of cold rolled precision stainless strip steel materials in China. It was founded with the purpose of supplying international customers across the globe with our high quality precision strip steel materials.

With over 15 years of experience, Shimfer has enjoyed good success worldwide particularly with the flagship product the Austenitic steel series in the types of 301, 304 and 316. Much of the success is owed to the fact that the high quality products can be applied to many various uses including spring and electronics. Shimfer also supply the flagship materials to a number of world-known enterprises such as Samsung and Huawei.

Stainless Steel Strip manufacturers china 20-roller-Sendzimir-mills
Stainless Steel Strip manufacturers china rolling machince

Shimfer Quality Standards

Shimfer is an ISO9001:2008 certified company. The manufacturing and production of Shimfer materials is done under Japanese Industrial Standards. To ensure continued production of the prime quality Shimfer materials, we have a well established and on going partnership with Posco Korea who provide us with top quality raw materials needed to produce precision strip steel of the highest quality.

The entire production process of all materials from cold rolling, precision slitting through to production of end product takes place at the exceptional state of the art facilities at Shimfer.

The Shimfer facilities

Shimfer maintains and uses world-class facilities equipped with the leading technology, that allows the high precision strip steel produced to meet and exceed the international quality standards. Some of the state of the art equipments used in the production at Shimfer includes:

Stainless Steel Strip manufacturers china Degreasing-cleaning-lines
Stainless Steel Strip manufacturers china Tension-levelers
  • 20-roller cold rolling mill
  • 4-roller cold rolling mill
  • Precision slitting line
  • Tension leveler
  • Degreasing clean line
  • Continuous bright annealing furnace