We at Shimfer Strip Steel Ltd have decided to set ourselves a mandate to become the worlds leading producers of cold rolled precision stainless steel trip, particularly the Austenitic steel series in grades of 301, 304 and 316. Specializing in this specific type of strip steel allows us to master and improve advanced methods and technologies of producing the steel. Our policy is to provide only the highest grade of narrow stainless steel strip to our customers without harming the environment or compromising on the quality. To achieve this goal we stick to our tried and tested raw materials of cold rolled coils provided by our trusted supplier Posco, one of the finest steel mills.

For over 15 years now we have been in the industry and we have managed to keep moving forward in all things related to quality products and service. We adhere to rigorous quality management policies that have helped us satisfy all of our customers. The foundation of our company is based on building long lasting relations with customers and learning from experiences so as to develop better products.

business concept
business concepts

Just like every successful company, we have certain commitments that we make to our customers:

  • We are committed to non discriminatory responsiveness to all customers
  • We are committed to uncompromised quality of end products
  • We are committed to applying ourselves to each and every project
  • We are committed to providing quality solutions to all customer needs

With these commitments we aim to help our customer meet and exceed their manufacturing objectives. We are always available to forge innovative and excellent working partnerships with customers.

Our vision is become the go to company for specialized precision strip steel. We have already enjoyed good success with our flagship products: 301/304/316 in extremely thin and super hard condition . We are always on the look out for ways to better our products and become the household name to all customers that need a supply of high precision stainless steel strip.

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