BETWEEN 1999 AND 2005

The parent company Guangdong Xinfa Precision Metal Technology Co Ltd began operating in 1999. At that time the main area of business was principally in the distribution of metallic materials, include precision copper foil and strip, cold rolled stainless steel strip, and wire and rod.

As the years progressed Xinfa decided to focus on improving on the quality of cold rolled precision stainless steel strip, which resulted in the 2005 resolution to take up special production of this strip steel. In order to this fully there was need for specialized facilities and plans where made to construct a heavy-duty state of the art manufacturing plant. At this point the company became know as Dongguan City Xinfa Precision Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Stainless Steel Strips Supplier China shimfer facility
Stainless Steel Strips Supplier China slitting machine

THE PERIOD 2006 AND 2008

The construction of manufacturing facilities was completed in 2006 and immediately began functioning. This allowed Xinfa to evolve, from being a pure distributor turned into a professional group of manufacturing, processing and sales. The improved facilities and production methods lead to improved quality products and as such Xinfa became ISO9001:2000 certified.

The production process continued to improve and with the use of high grade raw materials the quality standards at Xinfa upgraded and this development was reviewed and approved by the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

FROM 2009 TO 2012

The period 2009 to 2012 was a period of growth and upgrades for Xinfa. The first expansion concerned the factory area and a new manufacturing plant was commissioned. While awaiting the completion of the new plant, new production technology was acquired. The new equipment included: 20-roller rolling mill, tension leveler and a degreasing cleaning line.

With such state of the art facilities in place, there was need to upgrade the managing system and hence the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning in the year 2012.

Stainless Steel Strips Supplier China shimfer slitting line
Stainless Steel Strips Supplier China shimfer factory

THE PERIOD 2013 TO 2016

2013 was marked by the Government of Guangdong Province’s approval for Xinfa to change its name to Guangdong Xinfa Precision Technology Co. Ltd. This allowed the company to show its strength and command the world market.

Expansion and growth continued in 2015, first with the introduction of continuous bright annealing furnace and a partnership agreement with Posco Korea later in November. The agreement allowed Xinfa to benefit from excellent raw materials from Posco. The raw material agreement together with the continuous bright annealing furnace improved the company’s production.

Because of the quality products and innovative R&D projects, Xinfa was awarded as the Hi-Tech Enterprise Of Guangdong Province in 2016 and the local government allocated a large fund in support of Xinfa’s R&D projects.

It was around mid-2016 that Xinfa set up the subsidiary company Shimfer Strip Steel Ltd in HongKong aimed at International distribution and marketing of precision stainless steel strip materials.

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