The Strip Steel Quality Policy At Shimfer

Shimfer takes pride in producing high-performance cold rolled precision strip steel and in delivering an excellent service to all valued customers.

In order to safeguard the quality of our product and make sure it meets or exceeds the customer expectations, we adhere and follow a strict quality control process that has helped us remain one of the best producers of high-precision stainless steel strip for over 15 years now. Our quality checks start right from the beginning when procuring raw materials right up to the very end when the final product leaves our facilities.

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Raw materials

The only way to produce precision strip steel of the highest quality is to use raw materials of the highest quality. In Shimfer, we only use the finest steel and make sure all the material we use is up to our standards. To procure the finest steel, we partner with Posco, one of world’s finest steel makers, who exclusively supply us original cold rolled coils as raw materials.

Quality management during production

We follow internationally approved quality management systems to ensure that our manufacturing process produces high-precision strip steel that meets and exceeds the International Standards. We achieve this through:

  • Use of advanced production technologies
  • Production on the basis of Japanese Industrial Standard
  • Quality control checks after each stage of production
  • Employing highly skilled and talented staffs
  • Constant collection of customer reviews and suggestions

Our cold rolled strip steel should meet the following qualities:

  • Tightest tolerance customized as per client specification
  • Specific dimensions that include a thickness level of 0.05-1.5mm and a width of 2-600mm
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The level of customer satisfaction measures our quality and performance; our policy is to always work with each customer so we can deliver precision stainless steel strip that meets their individual objectives.

Shimfer is committed to continuous improvement of goods produced and services rendered to customers. It is our quality policy to constantly look for ways to improve by:

  • Providing constant training to all employees
  • Allowing everyone involved proactive involvement in the betterment of our producing processes and service rendered
  • Providing working solutions to complex problems that arise during and after manufacturing.