Research And Development At Shimfer

Our goal at Shimfer is to continue producing the best quality of precision stainless steel trip possible. In order to do this there is need for continuous work in the research and development of innovative ways to better our product. In this regard we maintain state-of-art manufacturing facilities that help us continue to develop strip coils in accordance with international quality standard. We are equipped with the latest precision stainless steel strip producing technology including 20-roller rolling mill, tension leveling line and high precision slitter. The technology world changes everyday and Shimfer is committed to change with it as we continue to stake our position as one of the world’s trustworthy producers of cold rolled precision stainless steel strip.

Stainless Steel Strips Research Shimfer development
Stainless Steel Strips Research Shimfer R&D

The team of R&D at Shimfer are staffed with professional talented developers and experienced technical advisers including five of the top cold rolling experts among China’s elite. In addition to the excellent facilities and competent staffs, we have an active partnership with Posco for a continued supply top of the quality raw materials for our products.

We are very proud that Shimfer was awarded as the Hi-Tech Enterprise Of Guangdong Province and received large funding from the local government in support for our R&D projects. Because of the continued funding Shimfer has managed not only to develop high precision stainless steel strip with tightest tolerance levels but also produced nationally patented utility models. Just in 2016, our developers had a breakthrough in the black coating strip coil materials used in the production of internal components for mobile devices. Companies like Vivo and Huawei have contracted us to supply them with our newly developed black-coated stainless steel strip materials to use for their mobile devices. With this technology on our products, we help customers largely save cost on conventional coating by labor, and our materials are performed excellent on insulation and heat radiation.

We remain committed to discovering new ways to better our products. We value customer feedback and are open to working with interested customers in the development of new functions and application of our products.

Stainless Steel Strips Research R&D team