301 stainless steel full hard

Shimfer produces an Austenitic 301 stainless steel full hard with unique but precise properties that allow for the product to be used in applications that require strict flatness, high yield strength and an increased fatigue life. The major difference between this alloy and the other strip steel types is that the stainless steel full hard is produced via a process of heavy cold rolling, which in turn gives the strip steel its full hard characteristic.
301 stainless steel full hard

The Shimfer stainless steel 301 full hard production process

We use a tension leveler line to ensure the material has the precise flatness that is required for its use. Furthermore, we use 20-roller cold rolling machines to roll the material in thin gauge that’s needed for the manufacturing of products like high-strength constant force springs. The use of these high-end rolling machines allows us to produce an end product with very tight gauge tolerances as recommended by the Japanese Industrial Standards

The engineers and personnel at Shimfer produce 301 stainless steel full hard using different combinations and chemical quantities so the product can have a minimum tensile strength of 1320 N/mm² and at least a yield strength of 1030 N/mm². Customers can submit specific material requests for our engineers to review, that way we can produce a customized product that meets customer needs.

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