Strip Steel Mechanical Property

Shimfer manufactures strip steel materials with specific mechanical properties so they can be used for different applications. It begins with high quality raw materials supplied by Posco, that are put through a series of state of the art technology to achieve specific strip steel mechanical property. Each step of the production process is monitored by experts so the end product can be material that has perfect elasticity, high tensile strength, with the required hardness and fatigue limit.

Our vision is to supply customers with qualtiy precision strip steel in high mechanical performance that best meet the product’s application. In our commitment to meeting this goal, we use innovative technology like rolling mill to thin and slitters to manage the width and length of our materials as per customer needs. The use of such state of the art technologies ensures that the material produced maintains a uniform, flawless structure that is required in the production of products like springs.

At the end of each commissioned production, we subdue the end product to a series of wide range of testing and inspections just to make sure that the product meets the required specifications and is suitable for the required use. We use the Tensile test to measure ductility and strength of an end product, and we use the Impact resistance or hardness test to measure toughness. In custom material we also test for different strip steel mechanical property levels like roughness, flatness, and coil set.

Generally, the strip steel mechanical property at Shimfer are as follows:

Grade Condition Hardness Test Tensile Test
HV T.S N/mm² Elongation %
SUS301 Annealed 170-200 >730-940 >45-60
Hardened 500-580 >1715-2070 >1-4
SUS304 Annealed 140-180 >540-705 >47-62
Hardened 390-430 >1220-1420 1-3
SUS316 Annealed 135-175 >540-690 >45-60
Hardened 360-390 >1150-1250 1-3